5G Mökki is a wood-covered, mobile, and versatile studio construction, which is powered by cutting-edge technology and could be modified to client's needs. 


The 5G Mökki can be used as a learning space with the world’s most sophisticated educational content and also as a studio construction with top-notch devices. 


5G Mökki service has been designed and developed by the Finnish Start North community that aims to regenerate the educational system and to give the youth the working skills they need in the future. It’s a social innovation that has been created as a co-effort with universities, companies and the youth themselves. 5G Mökki is created by Start North -community and college students from Espoo, supported by teachers of Aalto University and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. 5G networks are provided by Nokia and virtual reality contents by HTC Viveport.